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Mammón - Cleòpatra - L'onzena plaga

tickets packs at 12€ per show

created and directed by Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs
Espai Lliure - April 10 to 26

created and directed by Iván Morales
Espai Lliure - May 6 to 24

by Victoria Szpunberg directed by David Selvas
Espai Lliure - June 4 to 21

activities around Tot pels diners

lobby of the Espai Lliure
Video installation before the shows
To ensure that all spectators can enjoy the activities planned around this series, each performance will be accompanied by a video installation located in the lobby of the Espai Lliure, which will be active just prior to the beginning of the show. In this way, within our modest means, we have planned to open the series to other forms of artistic expression that enrich the public’s view with new perspectives different to the ones being portrayed onstage. The videos were made by the video artist Mar Orfila with the help of the entire team involved in Tot pels diners. 

Àgora Lliure – UPF
Saturday, 18 April – 7:30 pm / Montjuïc – press room
Round table: The value of money
Even though it seems like our lives are increasingly governed by economic discourses, they are often such a lofty abstraction that many people encounter serious difficulties at being able to follow and understand these discourses. This contradiction led us to consider the need to revive the interest in economic discourses. For this reason, as part of the agreement signed in recent months between the Teatre Lliure and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, we wanted to invite professors from this university to explain in a simple, pluralistic way the value of money in contemporary society. Does money continue to have a specific value, or has it definitively become an abstract concept that is now totally outside our control?
Session moderated by Àlex Bosch, journalist on economics with Catalunya Ràdio.

Saturday 13 de June – 5 pm / Montjuïc – foyer of the Fabià Puigserver Hall
Simultaneous parody of Monopoly
Does the classic Monopoly have anything to do with the real economy? This session stems from this entertaining question, asked to a bunch of economists, who will strive to reflect on some of the variations that govern the ways markets work. In this unique experience, spectators will share the board with expert economists. The way it works is extremely easy. Different Monopoly games will be played, each one guided by an economist. Each game will be governed by one variation on economic rules which is slightly different to the norm. In this way, we will be able to see how the different variations can also make the way the market works vary enormously.
Activity coordinated by Ana Tur Prats (Postdoctoral researcher from the Department of Economics and Business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Christian Fons-Rosen (professor of Econometrics).

activities conceived and coordinated by Ferran Dordal (La Brutal)

Friday 17 April after the show with the team of MAMMÓN
Friday 15 May after the show with the team of CLEÒPATRA
Friday 12 June after the show with the team of L'ONZENA PLAGA

from Wednesday to Friday 21:00
Saturday 18:00 and 21:30
Sunday 18:30
tickets to 2 or 3 shows 12€ each show
tariff b  
Wednesday and Saturday afternoon (the audience days) 18,50€
the rest of days 23€
advanced sales
(before the premiere)
with discount*
(except on the audience days)
tariff top row
(on certain performances)

*15% discount with the Carnet Jove, + 25, students, under 14s, senior citizens, unemployed, disabled, large families and single parent families, TNC and Mercat de les Flors subscribers, TR3SC, local regional libraries and theatres. To the La Vanguardia subscribers, the discount is only avalaible at the box office.

Mammón de Nao Albet i Marcel Borràs - del 10 al 26 d'abril de 2015 al Teatre Lliure - Montjuïc

Today’s economic crisis has opened to the door for citizens to question our relationship with money. Money is spoken about more, and more often, and we think about what value we assign to it in our life as a whole, how it aids or hinders our day-to-day lives and how it affects us.
Therefore, the social dimension of the system in which we are immersed directly affects each person’s private life, our emotional dimension. And this dimension is the fodder for the production by Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Ivan Morales, David Selvas and Victoria Szpunberg now on at the Teatre Lliure. After months of work, the trilogy Tot pels diners (Anything for Money) is the result.
With Mammón (Mammon), Cleòpatra (Cleopatra) and L’onzena plaga (The Eleventh Plague), we map out the intimate boundaries of what we are willing to do for money. Culture, our social milieu and life in a couple are the leitmotivs of the three shows, which are joined by the common thread of one of the characters, Dylan Bravo. They will be shown consecutively from April to June at the Espai Lliure.
This project is co-produced by Teatre Lliure and La Brutal