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Tots els espectacles

Montjuïc 18/19

09/29 and 30

judgement on historical memory
text Raúl Quirós
directed by Andrés Lima
co. Teatro del Barrio

from 10/3 to 11/4

dramaturgy Pau Matas Nogué
and Oriol Pla Solina
directed by Oriol Pla Solina

from 10/25 to 12/01

Millennium Approaches / Perestroika
by Tony Kushner
directed by David Selvas
with La Kompanyia Lliure

from 11/06 to 18

when Pili said libèl·lula
idea and directed by Toti Toronell

from 11/20 to 25

by Babou Cham and Carlota Subirós
dramaturgy and directed by
Carlota Subirós

from 11/30 to 12/02

We Act Assoc.

from 12/13 to 30

from the novel
by Philippe Claudel
directed by Guy Cassiers

from 12/14 to 30

(Also Known As)
by Daniel J. Meyer
directed by Montse Rodríguez Clusella

from 01/17 to 20

coordinated by Cristina Clemente

from 01/17 to 20

by Federico García Lorca
directed by Ricardo Iniesta
co. Atalaya TNT

from 01/23 to 02/03

the sound of cracks
created and directed Les Impuxibles and Carla Rovira

January 25 and 26

directed by Caroline Guiela Nguyen
co. les Hommes Approximatifs

from 02/01 to 3

from the novel by
Christine Angot
directed by Célie Pauthe

from 02/05 to 10

writen and directed Enric Monfort
and José Antonio Portillo

from 02/05 to 10

by Màrius Serra
directed by Joan Arqué

from 02/12 to 17

created by Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Ferran Dordal
co. Agrupación Señor Serrano

02/22 and 23

created and directed by Milo Rau
co. Schauspielhaus Zürich
and Theater HORA

from 02/27 to 03/17

by Nick Payne
directed by Mònica Bofill
cia. La InCògnita

March from 7 to 24

by Stefano Massini
adapted and directed by
Sergio Peris-Mencheta

from 04/04 to 05/05

by Henry Miller
directed by Ramon Simó

from 04/12 to 14

opera buffa
music Raquel García-Tomás
libreto Helena Tornero
musical director Vinicius Kattah scenic director Marta Pazos
co. Òpera De Butxaca i Nova Creació

from 05/09 to 06/09

by Lars Von Trier
dramaturgy Pau Miró and Sílvia Munt
directed by Sílvia Munt

from 05/16 to 06/02

dramaturgy and directed by Pablo Messiez
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

from 06/19 to 06/30

by James Rhodes
dramaturgy and direction by Iván Morales

Gràcia 18/19

from 09/27 to 10/14

a piece in black and white for two humans and a raven
by Camille Decourtye
and Blaï Mateu Trias
co. Baró d’evel

del 19 al 21/10

by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

del 25 al 28/10

by Mark Lockyer
directed by Alice Malin
co. Actors Touring Company

from 11/08 to 12/02

writen and directed by Lautaro Perotti

from 12/05 to 30

created and directed by Jordi Aspa
co. Rhum i cia.

from 01/10 to 02/01

an autobiography
from the novel by
Charlotte Brontë
adapted by Anna Maria Ricart
directed by Carme Portaceli

from 02/07 to 03/03

by Thomas Bernhard
directed by Krystian Lupa

from 03/06 to 10

created and directed by Didier Ruiz
co. La compagnie des Hommes

from 03/13 to 24

hidden history of the disembarkation
directed by Pere Fullana
co. Iguana Teatre

from 04/11 to 05/12

by Steven Berkoff
directed by Josep Maria Mestres

from 05/22 to 06/09

original idea Meritxell Yanes
dramaturgy Sergi belbel, Eulàlia Carrillo and Cristina Clemente
directed by Sergi Belbel and Cristina Clemente

from 06/13 to 30

a history of the Spanish working class
created and directed by Alberto San Juan