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El curiós incident del gos a mitjanit

Mireia Aixalà Miss Shears and others / Carme Fortuny Miss Alexander and others / Ivan Benet Ed / Cristina Genebat Judy / Pol López Christopher / Marta Marco Siobhan / Norbert Martínez Mr. Gayscone and others / Xavier Ricart Roger and others

translation from English Cristina Genebat / setting Lluc Castells / costumes Maria Armengol / make up Eva Fernández / lighting Jaume Ventura / video Mar Orfila / original music Marco Mezquida / sound Damien Bazin / choreograpy and movement Nuria Legarda / Christopher's diary Santi Sallés / dog sculpture Silvia Delagneau / recording Carola Ortiz clarinet and bass clarinet / Manel Fortià double bass / Carlos Falanga drums and kalimba / Marco Mezquida piano and percussion
director assistant Marc Artigau / setting assistant Jose Novoa / costumes assistant Clara Peluffo / trainee direction from the Institut del Teatre Verònica Navas

produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Seaport, Punto Blanco, Òptica Sanabre, Urbanita Barcelona, Destipro, Anna Aran, Laia Segura, Associació Síndrome d'Asperger de Catalunya, Xavi Ballesteros, Albert Ballesteros, Eva Campano, Iván Ruiz, Albert Mateu, Andrea Lamount, Iñaki Lemiechevsky, Roberto Lemiechevsky and Karina Blanco

This play is presented with kind permission of Warners Bros. Entertainment

show in Catalan
approximate length first part 1h. 10’ / interval 15’ / second part 1h.
04/19 debate with the company after the show
play recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

hand program in Braille language avalaible at the box office

follow #curiosincident on twitter
from Tuesday to Friday 20:30
Saturday 21:00
Sunday 18:00
tariff a  
Tuesday and Wednesday
(the audience days)
the rest of days 29€
advanced sales
(before the premiere)

with discount*
(except the audience days)
tariff top row
(on certain performances)

*15% discount with the Carnet Jove, + 25, students, under 14s, senior citizens, unemployed, disabled, large families and single parent families, TNC and Mercat de les Flors subscribers, TR3SC, local regional libraries and theatres. To the La Vanguardia subscribers, the discount is only avalaible at the box office.

El curiós incident del gos a mitjanit - trailer

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This is the theatrical adaptation of Mark Haddon’s bestselling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which won the Whitbread Book Award for Best Novel in 2003 and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book. Selling more than two million copies in its first year, it was voted one of the top five children’s books in the BBC’s literacy campaign. The main character is a fifteen-year-old boy, a self-described “mathematician with some behavioral difficulties,” who sets out to tackle an unsolved mystery in this good old-fashioned British romp directed by Julio Manrique.

Christopher Boone is an extraordinary boy. He’s extraordinarily intelligent and loves mathematics and stargazing, imagining that he will one day travel the universe in a spaceship.
Christopher Boone is a different kind of boy. He’s often confused by people, because it seems they have this strange tendency not to say what they’re actually thinking.
Like a little Sherlock Holmes, Christopher Boone will set out to solve the mysterious assassination of his neighbors’ dog, Wellington.
Like a little Ulysses, Christopher Boone will dare to cross the ocean of fears, obstacles, confusion and noise that isolate him from the world and, for the first time in his life, will take a train, setting off for London, fleeing a lie.
Christopher Boone is my hero. One of them, anyways. And I hope he also becomes one of yours.
Julio Manrique