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Escena Pilot

05/13 - 05/14

Institut de Cultura, Institut d’Educació de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona and Teatre Lliure


Lali Álvarez i Gemma Martínez
INS Barri Besòs
Suhaila Benchikh Zahidi, Hind Chabane Nassim, Anqi Chen, Luna Isabela Contreras Muñoz, Cristal Shelise Cortorreal Alba, Sergi Duran Ortega, Xabier Fernández González, Oxana Lopez Herrera, Melvy Maldonado Copa, Naima Martín Abad, Raúl Melo Fernández, Alba de Lucía Miguel Bonilla, José Manuel Navarro Rodriguez, José Antonio Ramos Santaella, Natalia Liduvina Raudales Soto and Alba Ventura Visanzay
Teachers: Pau Bou and Betty Sintes

INS Coves d’en Cimany
Ariadna Barrera Castro, Bruno Carmona Alfonso, Gabriel David Criollo Romero, Mariam Makhchoun, Jorge Vidal Fuentes, Adrian Arroyo Ogando, Emily Yurieth Guerrero Zelaya, Jael Ibañez Fabregat, Selenia Ibañez Peñalvez, Amir Khorran, Irene López Campoy and Sonia Parra Faci
Teacher: Marta Lardín

INS Milà i Fontanals
Isaac Ballester, Nil Casals, Aroa Cid, Jade Cocho, Judit Durà, Alba Garcia, Layan García, Álex Gómez, Pol González, Michael Harram, Julieta Vania Iriarte, Xabier Jiménez, Dante Leiva, Dina López, Carla Martínez, Juan Andrés Martínez, Elena Morales, Andrea Navarro, Leia Perpinyà, Sara Rius, Aina Rodríguez, Jan Sánchez, Pau Serés, Jana Surribas, Cora Sutil and Gemma Tudela.
Teachers: Begoña Moral and Mercè Moral

INS Vila de Gràcia
Noa Bouceta Pérez, Àlex Carrasco Bernat, Júlia de Juan Cabasés, Nedelka Dimitrov Casas, Nora Ebn el Arabi Arteaga, Kawtar el Mouassaoui, Felipe Eposto Cartasegna, Eloi Garcia Moratona, Daniel Guirao Cervera, Joana Luís Miret, Martí Maleubre Valls, Bru Payet Ramírez, Diego Alexander Ramos Vargas, Idil Robles Millán, Pau Rodríguez Oliver, Nicolas Joseph Rosal Wilkie, Maria Paulina Toro Rivera, Candela Vicente Hernández and Jun Jie David Xu
Teacher: Anna Madueño


Escena Pilot is a project by the Institut de Cultura, the Institut d’Educació de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Teatre Lliure, under the artistic direction of Lali Álvarez and Gemma Martínez. The project involves the participation of students and teachers at the Barri Besòs, Coves d’En Cimany, Milà i Fontanals and Vila de Gràcia secondary schools.
In uncertain times, taking on challenges is a path to hope. In Universal, the inhabitants of four planets outside the solar system have to work together to meet the challenge of providing a solution for planet Earth, which is on the brink of an abyss. This play  has been created by students and teachers from four secondary schools in the city of Barcelona while as a society, we are dealing with a global pandemic and an ecological threat that has never been as tangible as it is today. We go in search of a mirror in which we can reflect our fears, our hopes, our imaginings, our ideas and dreams, needs, frustrations and desires. In search of a space to meet other people and the theatre, and to have a good time.
- Lali Álvarez
At 13:00 and 17:00
Catalan and Spanish
1 h
Escena Pilot is an educational and artistic project that accompanies a group of students and teachers from various public secondary schools in Barcelona during the school year. The project consists of the collective creation of a theatrical performance that will première at the Teatre Lliure, in order to foster theatrical language among young people and in school environments. The project is based on three pillars:
It is a training project for teachers, which gives teachers tools so that they are able to use the resources of theatrical techniques when working with students away from the project.
It is a co-creative project, in which students and teachers participate actively in order to have a meaningful experience in contact with the professional environment.
It is a project involving collective creation, in which the artist comes into contact with the young people’s social and educational reality, and is inspired by it to investigate theatrical creation and seek new theatrical languages in the production of a show.