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Raquel Cors

May 6 to 24

dramaturgy and direction Raquel Cors

with Eva Lyberten and Mireia Tejero
scenic space Lola Belles / costumes Patricia Albizu and Alejandra Lorenzo / lighting Ana Rovira / sound space Pau Matas Nogué / dramaturgy and video collaboration Dani Lacasa / support on the rehersals Carlota Subirós
director assistant Carlota Grau / edition of archival materials Irene Coll

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

thanks to Sílvia Ferrando i Jordi Fondevila
produced by Teatre Lliure

on tour

Reprogrammed in 20/21 season go to the show

First Projecte empremta of the Teatre Lliure, in which the director, playwright and filmmaker Raquel Cors picks up the baton to the director Carlota Subirós.
Cors has responded to the contemporary feminist struggle with a testimonial piece featuring Eva Lyberten, an icon of Spain’s softcore cinema of the 1970s and 1980s. The piece is somewhere between a documentary and fiction, and reflects on the erotic image that is projected into the body of women, how we create and how we look at these images.

Espai Lliure / Wednesday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

05/15 audio description to people with visual disability

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!
pack 32€ with La nostra parcel·la

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running time tbc
"- How do you want me to call you? Because your real name is Herminia, isn't it?
- Yes. But this project is about Eva Lyberten, right? Well, call me Eva. "
Eva Lyberten shares her past from the images that will survive her the longest: the erotic films she shot during the 70s and 80s. Eva is now 60 years old and her life, widely portrayed from a young age, allows us to ask how our constructions are built images, also the most intimate. What are the mechanisms that create our identities and their fictions. The strange relationship between the person and the image itself.
- Raquel Cors