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Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner

Juan Carlos Martel Bayod & Joan Yago

June 10 to 21
Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner

idea and direction Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
dramaturgy Joan Yago
with Clara Manyós, Jesús Marcos, Enric Molina, Valerio N’Dongo, Marc Rodríguez, Martí Ruiz Carreras and Hans Üdo Braendle
with the collaboration of Javier Mariscal, Carme Sansa and Jaume Sisa
off voice Lluís Pasqual
director assistant Clara Manyós, scenic space and costumes Xesca Salvà / lighting Marc Lleixà / sound Lucas Ariel Vallejos / video Joan Rodon
actors coach and advisor Alicia G. Reyero / coordination Arrels Fundació Juan Lemus / trainee assistant from the Màster Universitari d'Estudis Teatrals de la UAB Estefanía Madrones

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure
produced by Teatre Lliure
with the collaboration of Arrels Fundació

on tour

ATTENTION: the show performances have been cancelled
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In June 2018, as part of NOSaltres‒mostra de teatre inclusiu[We - a display of inclusive theatre], the Lliure gave a voice to the users of the Arrels Fundació - people who are homeless, invisible. This project took months, and focuses on life on the street in this tribute performance, which won Joan Yago the 2018 Critics’  Prize in the Playwriting/Adaptation category. Two years later, it’s back to the Espai Lliure.

Espai Lliure / Wednesday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!
pack 32€ with RRR


follow on the net @ArrelsFundació / #SisPersonatges

1h. 15' no interval
Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner
Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner
Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner
Sis personatges. Homenatge a Tomás Giner
"The audience is impressed. Very excited, too. And she stands up to applaud. A good time. You hear brave. The six actors leave, leave and come out again. One of them, Marc Rodriguez, is a professional, but the other five never set foot on stage. They are users of Arrels, often called homeless. And the work they just starred in. It is already one of the great triumphs of the Barcelona season... Sis personatges... has conquered the public with its mixture of humor and hardness, of reality and fiction, of irony and a more underlined emotion. [···] Reality and the fiction collides and they are confused, and last night they finally fit in an exciting way, with an audience touched before some men to whom the currency of the destiny placed yesterday on the stage, but that could have taken on the stalls.”
 - Justo Barranco, La Vanguardia