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Síndrome de gel

Clàudia Cedó - Xicu Masó

03/23 - 04/24/22
Síndrome de gel

Clàudia Cedó

Xicu Masó

In progress
Laura Clos 'Closca'
Teatre Lliure

As he did with El metge de Lampedusa [The doctor of Lampedusa], Xicu Masó once again focuses on the Europe migrant crisis, accompanied this time around by Clàudia Cedó. This project is based on Dr Elisabeth Hultcrantz's study on 'resignation syndrome', which has been reported in Sweden since the 1990s, and affects children and young people from the East, Syria and the Yazidi religious minority in particular. The illness leads to lethargy as a response to the trauma of being uprooted.


A unique phenomenon appeared in Sweden in the late 1990s which only seemed to affect children and young people in the refugee community. The cases continued for two decades, until they peaked at 350 cases between 2004 and 2005. Children and young people stopped communicating and eating, and succumbed to a strange lethargy, similar to a coma in many ways. After some debate, the medical community dubbed this phenomenon "resignation syndrome". That is the documentary context - with the book by Dr Elisabeth Hultcrantz as its main source - used by Xicu Masó and Clàudia Cedó to construct a metaphor about the unbearable anguish of those who live in fear of returning to a place of death and suffering from which they managed to escape. This threat becomes all too real when the supposed host country fails to resolve the issue of their status and leaves them in limbo. Sweden was one of the countries that was most welcoming to refugees until the rise of the far right at the end of the twentieth century. The project is a poetic construction that uses various dimensions to get into the minds of these bodies that have reached their limit, and have cut off their links to the rest of the world. The authors place a brutal mirror in front of the audience, reflecting the violence involved in the refugees' uprooting and the nightmare of their past, which continues the spirit of condemnation that was also the driving force behind Xicu Masó's previous production.


Wednesday to Saturday at 20:00
Sunday at 18:00


In Catalan

22/04 after the show

Lliure al sofà from 04/15 at 20:00
Subtitled in adapted Catalan, Spanish and English
€ 7