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Mystery Magnet

Miet Warlop

24 to 27 October
Mystery Magnet

performers Christian Bakalov, Gilad Ben Ari, Kristof Coenen, Sofie Durnez, Ian Gyselinck, Wietse Tanghe, Laura Vanborm and Miet Warlop
substitutes Erik Nevin, Artemis Stavridi, Ondrej Vidlar y Paola Zampierolo

setting Miet Warlop / music Stefaan Van Leuven and Stephan De Waele

setting assistants Sofie Durnez and Ian Gyselinck / technical team Koen Demeyere / technical assistants Jürgen Techel i Bennert Vancottem and Matthieu Vergez / outside eye Namik Mackic and Danai Anesiadou / production Carla Beeckmans

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

original producer CAMPO executive producer Irene Wool co-produced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (Project in co-
production with NXTSTP)

with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

with the assistance of Vooruit Art Centre (Ghent)

with the collaboration of the Flemish Government

thanks to Nicolas Provost, Katrien de Keukeleere, Pol Heyvaert, Jonathan de Roo, Jonas Feys, Philip Franchitti, Philippe Riera, Silke Sintobin, Barbara Vackier, Stijn Van Buggenhout, Lies Vanborm & Geert Viaene / AMOTEC

recommended all ages

It is a magical show in continual transformation, where nothing is what it seems. A universe inspired by comics and pictorial action, with the aim of developing an endless battle of materials, shapes and colours.

Thusday and Friday 11:00 / Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

follow on the net @Mietwarlop / #MysteryMagnet / #ElLliuredelFutur

45' no interval
Mystery Magnet
Mystery Magnet
Mystery Magnet
Mystery Magnet
Mystery Magnet
The Belgian visual artist and theatrical creator Miet Warlop is one of the current benchmarks of European avant-garde theatre. His shows, containing brushstrokes of silent humour, are at the intersection between the visual arts, performance and the theatre.
Mystery Magnet was premiered on 10 May 2012 at Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussel, BE).