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Le sorelle Macaluso

Emma Dante / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

June 10 to 20
Le sorelle Macaluso

writen and directed by Emma Dante
cast Serena Barone, Elena Borgogni, Sandro Maria Campagna, Italia Carroccio, Davide Celona, Marcella Colaianni, Daniela Macaluso, Simona Malato, Leonarda Saffi and Stephanie Taillandier
costumes Emma Dante / lighting Cristian Zucaro / armours Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano
director assistant Daniela Gusmano / original subtitling Franco Vena / management and international distribution Aldo Miguel Grompone

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure
co-produced by Teatro Stabile di Napoli, Théâtre National (Brussels), Festival d’Avignon i Folkteatern (Gothenburg)

in collaboration with Atto Unico/Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale associated with the Teatrul National Radu Stanca de Sibiu

with the support of the Programa Cultura de la Unió Europea (Città in Scena)


ATTENTION: the show performances have been cancelled
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The first opportunity to see Emma Dante’s sicilian company in Barcelona with the show that opened up the international arena to them.
In 2014, Le sorelle Macaluso [The Sisters Macaluso] won the UBU Prize, the most important prize awarded by Italian critics, for the best theatrical direction and the best theatrical show. The show presents a journey of initiation where the living and dead co-exist, a rite involving the unconscious, halfway between a family celebration and the liturgy of the grave. This is how the others will remind us.

Wednesday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

show in Italian language subtitled in Catalan language

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!
pack 32€
amb Concours européen de la chanson philosophique

follow on the net #LeSorelleMacaluso / #EmmaDante

1h. 10' no interval
Le sorelle Macaluso
Le sorelle Macaluso
Le sorelle Macaluso
The characters involved are gathered together mourning the death of a family member and preparing for the funeral. Members of the family, both living and dead, are presented without distinction as the story unfolds.This piece is inspired by a short story a friend once recalled to me. His grandmother, delirious from disease, one night called out screaming, “Am I alive or dead?!” Her daughter replied, “Alive, you’re alive!” The mother responded, “Yes, alive! I’ve been dead a long time, and you didn’t tell me so as not to scare me.”
The scene is empty and dark. Suddenly a body lunges on stage from the obscurity. It is a woman. Adult. Scarred. Behind her appear faces of both the living and the dead in mourning attire. This group advances toward us with a sure step. A dancing woman joins this procession. The sisters Macaluso appear as a flock of birds suspended between the earth and the sky. In a state of confusion between life and death.The family is composed of seven sisters there to reminisce, to cast blame, to dream, to cry, and to laugh about their own stories. We are at the funeral of one of them. At the border between here and there, what is and what was, for now and evermore, spirits are ready to take away the deceased.This is a family in transition from lightness to dark. A young father appears to his daughter in her fifties, a mother grasps her husband in an eternal embrace. The remnants of dreams are suspended in loneliness and the deceased are boldly in front of us.
- Emma Dante