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La taula

Split Britches

10/14 - 10/16
La taula

Split Britches
Isaias Fanlo

Teatre Lliure

Ciutat Oberta Biennal de Pensament

Espai Lliure
La taula [The Long Table]  is a project dreamt up by the US American company Split Britches inspired by the film Antonia’s Line by Marleen Gorris, which combines theatricality and models of community participation.

Anyone from the audience, without expecting to be invited, could occupy a place at the table. There is no moderator, just a host who reminds the participants of the rules of the conversation and marks the beginning and end of the activity. It’s a democracy. If someone gets up from the table, they can go back as many times as they want. They can mark up the tablecloth and leave comments or drawings on it. They can politely ask someone to free up their place so they can sit down. They can sit there in silence, in discomfort or in laughter. The end comes, but there is never a conclusion.


This debate mechanism is a quick way of calling citizens to join a meeting point of ideas and thoughts, and of questions such as the ones posed at Ciutat Oberta Biennal de pensament. The goal is to tackle the themes (technology and city – climate emergency – gender and postcolonialism – megalopolises) and examine them in a cross-disciplinary fashion in three sessions at L’Espai Lliure on Montjuïc, all three bisected by a fifth more local theme which questions the role of the theatre given the changes shaking up society. With these three sessions, the theatre offers itself as a stage and a site which can serve as the hub of the social debate.

Wednesday to Friday at 18:30
! hour 30'
La taula
La taula
La taula
La taula
La taula
La taula
La taula
Dish of the day

This is a performance of a dinner table conversation
Anyone seated at the table is a guest performer
Talk is the only course
No one will moderate
But a host may assist youIt is a democracy
To participate, simply take an empty seat at the table
If the table is full you can request a seat
If you leave the table you can come back again and again
Feel free to write your comments on the tablecloth
There can be silenci
There might be awkwardness
There could always be laughter
There is an end, but no conclusion.