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Escena pilot: Història d'un inici

Lali Álvarez and Gemma Martínez & INS Barri Besòs, Domènech i Montaner and Vila de Gràcia

June 4
Escena pilot: Història d'un inici

June 4
created and directed by Lali Álvarez and Gemma Martínez

with the students and the teachers of the Barcelona secondary schools Barri BesòsDomènech i Montaner and Vila de Gràcia 

produced by Teatre Lliure

The creators Lali Alvarez and Gemma Martinez, who are behind the first year of the Pilot scene project, were working on creating a collective theatrical show with the Barri Besòs, Domènech i Montaner and Vila de Gràcia secondary schools in Barcelona.

As performances are currently impossible, they have reactivated the project so a public presentation can take place on the 4 June, under the title Història d'un inici [History of a Beginning].

This will involve a documentary and artistic video that follows the theme used for collective creation with the three secondary schools: beauty. 

free / 4 pm on our YouTube

Escena pilot [Pilot scene] is a project by the Barcelona Municipal Education Institute (IMEB) in partnership with the Teatre Lliure, which aims to provide young people with the opportunity to have a meaningful theatrical experience in a professional environment, and to give teachers the tools to use theatrical language and techniques in the classroom, and to make professional theatrical creation more accessible to young people's social and educational lives.