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En lo alto para siempre

David Foster Wallace & Juan Navarro and Gonzalo Cunill

February 6 to 16/02
En lo alto para siempre

A creation show from texts from Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, among others

creation and dramaturgy Juan Navarro and Gonzalo Cunill

directed by Juan Navarro

cast Rodolfo Castagnolo, Gonzalo Cunill and Gemma Polo

scenic space Juan Navarro / costumes Nieves Casquete / lighting Ferdy Esparza / video Cristian Wise / music Rodolfo Castagnolo

scenic space assistant Manel Barnils / technical director Ferdy Esparza / management Cielo Drive

set up made by Construcciones Master Barna

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure
co-produced by Teatre Lliure and Temporada Alta 2019

with the collaboration of L'animal a l'esquena


The actor and playwright Juan Navarro and the actor Gonzalo Cunill (we saw them together in Begin the Beguine directed by Jan Lauwers in 2018) take us into the subtle universe of the New York writer David Foster Wallace (1962-2008).
Well-known for his intelligent, tart and humorous dissections of post-modern society, some of his stories are a literary performance-dialogue-narrative about how we confront taboos such as childhood traumas, ineffable sexualities, desire, violence, loneliness, addiction and death.

Wednesday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

9€ with the free card Generació Lliure!!
16€ pack &lliure opcional ticket

follow on the net @temporadaalta / #EnLoAltoParaSiempre

1h. 30' no interval
En lo alto para siempre
En lo alto para siempre
En lo alto para siempre
En lo alto para siempre
En lo alto para siempre
En lo alto para siempre
“"The lie is that we must to choose between one or other thing. A still and batting bee moves too fast to think. From the height, the sweetness makes it crazy.
En lo alto para siempre is a piece of creation based on the eponymous story of the American writer David Foster Wallace. An apparently simple story that describes the emotional journey that oscillates between the ecstasy and the ordeal of a young man who decides to jump for a springboard for the first time. A leap into the void that we have all experienced sometimes and, in this case, thaht has invited us to deepen into the literary and personal universe of D. F. W .; a phantasmagoric, premonitory and yet hilarious vision that radiates a society from the depths of the abyss..”
- Juan Navarro and Gonzalo Cunill