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El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja

Elena Córdoba

March 28 and 29
El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja

directed by Elena Córdoba in collaboration with David Benito, Carlos Gárate and Carlos Marquerie
cast Elena Córdoba
visual devices and scenic space David Benito / sounding devices and original music Carlos Gárate / lighting Carlos Marquerie / costumes Cecilia Molano
director assistant Mar López / sound technician Adolfo García

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

co-produced by CITEMOR / Festival de Montemor - o - Velho - Portugal

this project is made with the support of the aid programme for the creation by Ayuntamiento de Madrid

subsidied by the Comunidad de Madrid

with the support of the Festival de Otoño de Madrid and the Real Academia de España en Roma, Losdedae and the Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares

ATTENTION: the show performances have been cancelled
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Also as part of the Dansa: Quinzena Metropolitana, arrives the ballerina and choreographer Elena Córdoba, a member of the generation which investigated new dramatic languages in the 1990s. This play, which premiered at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid in 2018, is the first part of a research and creative project on the ageing of the body, entitled La edad de la carne [The age of flesh].

And don’t miss the installation Lo que muda no muere [Mutated things do not die ], by David Benito and Elena Córdoba with poems by Ada Salas, in the lavatories of the theatre.

Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

tickets 9€ using the free card Generació Lliure!!
16€ optional ticket of pack &ciutat

follow on the net #ElNacimientoBailarinaVieja / #ElenaCórdoba

1h. 15' no interval
El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja
El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja
El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja
El nacimiento de la bailarina vieja
"The figure of the dancer has been the paradigm of everything that the body can do in full use of its faculties, including what we imagine the body could never do. Let's think for a moment what would be the model that could offer the body of an old dancer Would a vulnerable body, sterile and nothing sexy, be paradigmatic? Would a body with an increasingly limited domain capacity be exemplary? To approach these questions we decided to imagine a fictional and paradoxical creature: The old dancer.
The body of the old dancer trains for wonders that she can never carry out. But, despite all these contradictions, the old dancer has an advantage over the other creatures: she dances with the limits of her body as part of her own essence. "
- Elena Córdoba