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Abans que es faci fosc

Hattie Naylor & Pep Pla

2 to 20 October
Abans que es faci fosc

cast Míriam Iscla

off voices Rosa Cadafalch oculist / Daniela Lucas Maria / Lluís Soler planetarium voice / Toni Ubach planetarium technician

by Hattie Naylor / direction Pep Pla / a scenic proposal Míriam Iscla

translation from English language Neus Bonilla and Carme Camacho / sounding space Toni Ubach / setting Xavi Erra / costumes Míriam Compte / lighting Joana Serra / video Vicenç Viaplana / sound Toni Ubach / movement advisor Joana Serra

director assistant and stage manager Irene Ferrer / technical director Xavier Xipell 'Xipi' / management director Carles Manrique / gig booking Elena Blanco-Magneticam

and the teams of the Teatre Lliure

co-produced by GREC 2019 Festival de Barcelona, Velvet Events and CAET - Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Terrassa

with the collaboration of Teatre Auditori Sant Cugat

thanks to Oriol Capellas, Xavier Eras, ONCE, Asssociació Retina Catalunya, Irene Romo, Gerard Farré, Yolanda Fernández de Landa, Marc Boada, Aurora Torrens, Antonio González, Cristina Cervià, Gemma Pujol, Escola Laura Jou, Yasmina Rivero, Dora Manrique, Lluís Noguera-CosmoCaixa and specially to Sonia Sánchez


From the author of Ivan and the Dogs, we present one more monologue directed this time by PepPla and performed by Míriam Iscla: the sidereal and intimate journey of an astronomer towards blindness.

Espai Lliure / Wednesday to Saturday 20:00 / Sunday 18:00

hand programme in Braille language avalaible at the box office

October 11 and 18 audiodescription for people visually impaired

follow on the net @grecfestivalbcn / #AbansQueEsFaciFosc / #GoingDark

1h. 15' no interval
Abans que es faci fosc
Abans que es faci fosc
Abans que es faci fosc
Abans que es faci fosc
Abans que es faci fosc
Abans que es faci fosc
Londoner Hattie Naylor is the author of fifty plays. She shot to success with Ivan and the Dogs in 2010, and apart from her numerous adaptations for theatre on the radio, her work includes Untitled Commission (2018), As the Crow Flies and What am I Worth (2017), The Night Watch (2016) and Bluebeard (2013). The original production of Going Dark premiered in collaboration with the experimental company Sound&Fury, the Young Vic and the London Science Museum in the 13/14 season.