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submit a project


Teatre Lliure welcomes you to our project presentation platform. Please read the following points carefully before starting. 


What are we looking for? 

We invite you to submit your ideas to the Teatre Lliure using this form. You can submit exhibition, inhouse production, or co-production projects. We welcome all scenic languages. 


 Which is the project selection procedure? 

If you have a scenic project please fill in the form you will find on our digital platform in either Catalan, Spanish or English. The platform will only be open to projects during the the season (October – June). 

Once the form is submitted, you will automatically receive a confirmation message, so you will know we have received the project correctly. This message will include an identifying number which will remain the same throughout the process. 

All scenic projects received through the form will be subject to evaluation by the Programming and Content team and the Artistic Management at Teatre Lliure. The team assesses them on a weekly basis, the replying timeframe will vary depending on the number of projects submitted. 

Once evaluated, we will inform you whether the project has been selected for future seasons at Teatre Lliure. 


How does the form work? 

All project applications must be submitted through the form found on this website. As you fill it in, the form will be automatically saving each modification, you can leave the page at any time and return to it to continue your application.  The system will create a link (valid for three months) which will allow you to continue completing the form before submitting the final version of the application. 

Once completed, click on the Accept and Send button on the last box set. From that point on, the project cannot be modified, the application will be considered complete. If you need to modify or updata any of the data from then on, please send an email to projectes@teatrelliure.com with your proposal’s identification number  

The platform supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and higher versions, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. If you come across technical issues during the procedure please try to do so again, from another browser or computer before contacting us. 


How can I send an invitation for a performance of mine?   

If you want to invite us to attend one of your shows, please send the invite to projectes@teatrelliure.com, once we have received it, we shall let you know if we are able to attend.  


I still have some doubts... 

In case you have any doubts about the procedure or forms, please contact us by email, please include the word “Doubt” in the issue of the email to projectes@teatrelliure.com. 


Thank you very much! 


Teatre Lliure’s Programming and Content team 



password: UTHJESG