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Season 20/21

Dear audience,
I would like to start by remembering those who are no longer with us and embracing all those who have lost someone. I would also like to thank all the people who have been devoting every waking hour over the last few months to curbing this pandemic for their efforts they have made, as well as those who are silently working on the constant reconstruction of our social, cultural and educational fabrics.

Last season taught us about the courage of risk, knowledge of margins and the intelligence of a world that spits us out of the system. We have borne this in mind in order to maintain our links with you - many of whom have crossed our threshold for the first time, and others who continue to keep the fire burning, as part of our identity. We are all the Lliure. It's no longer a question of being someone we're not. It's about starting to think in a way we've never done before, looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, and allowing dissent.

I want to share this new cultural horizon that will help us move forward with you. This new 20/21 Season at the Teatre Lliure does not ignore you, but on the contrary, wants to accompany you along new paths. These paths will also lead us to questions to learn to see ourselves from other angles and help us sustain ourselves in a way we never thought we were capable of.

Many questions have inspired us when creating the entire 20/21 Season. However, we will present it to you following the seasons of the year, so that we can experience intermittency and uncertainty more slowly and in a positive way, while creating a more sustainable corner of the world at the same time. This season we will begin to reflect together on the family, climate change, suicide, fascism, youth and the disease of the system, mourning and parties, truths and fables.
A society that does not permit opinions cannot be called democratic. That is why we are committed to intergenerational dialogue and disagreement, regardless of age. By learning from each other in our diversity of opinions, we cope with all the diseases of our society and its darkest facet, and we can only remedy and cure it with culture as a basic right.

The internal lines in the programme will resonate with all of us in one way or another in all our projects: in the plays seen by audiences at the theatre, but also in exhibitions, talks, schools, tables and even in the new Online Theatre which is available as part of the Lliure's digital programme. These face-to-face, digital and wide-ranging cultural initiatives confer meaning on the Teatre Lliure as a physical space for social encounters and dramatic content.

So, the Lliure will dazzle us with content for a single generation: an ageless generation. That of people who have learned to live with uncertainty. And who do smile like children, and with the experience of society's oldest members. I would like to dedicate this 20/21 programme to all of them.
Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
Director of the Fundació Teatre Lliure - Teatre Públic de Barcelona