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sale conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting
These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the contracting and use of the services offered through the website of Teatre Lliure (www.teatrelliure.com and www.lliureonline.com). 
For more information about the processing of personal data, please visit the Privacy Policy section, and for more information about cookies, please visit the Cookie Policy section.
Before accessing and using the website to contract services, please carefully read and accept these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to accept them, do not access or use this service. If you contract services, you accept these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies. 

sales conditions


The website is owned by FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE – TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA, (hereinafter referred to as “TEATRE LLIURE” or “LLIURE”), with tax identification code (CIF) G-58658931 and address at Plaça Margarida Xirgu, 1, (08004), Barcelona. FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE-TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA's registration details are stated in the website's Legal Notice.
Contact telephone number: 932 892 770
E-mail: info@teatrelliure.com


These general terms and conditions of contracting of the services offered on TEATRE LLIURE's website are signed, on the one side, by FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE – TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA, with tax identification code (CIF) G-58658931 and address at Plaça Margarida Xirgu, 1, (08004), Barcelona, and, on the other side, by the purchaser of the ticket (the user), whose data are those which he/she has provided to the website, in particular through the registration form that TEATRE LLIURE has made available for that purpose. User means any natural or legal person who acquires, uses or enjoys any of the services offered by TEATRE LLIURE or through the website or is registered as a user of the website.


The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to govern the browsing of the website and the services offered on it, as well as the purchase process and subsequent relationship between Teatre Lliure and the audience.
TEATRE LLIURE reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions for the purpose of:

  1. adapting them to the legislative or regulatory provisions currently in force or in the process of being adopted;
  2. adapting them to any decision handed down by a judge, consumer agency or any competent authority, which affects the website and/or the services offered;
  3. rectifying any error (e.g. spelling mistakes or any other kinds of errors that do not alter the meaning of existing sentences) not detected until that time;
  4. making these Terms and Conditions clear and/or more impartial;
  5. reflecting changes and developments in the management of our business;
  6. reflecting changes to market conditions or common practices in the sector.

Notwithstanding ensuring compliance with agreements already signed, the publishing of modifications on the website is considered to have fulfilled the duty of notification of the change to the general terms and conditions of use and contracting.
TEATRE LLIURE reserves the right to modify the commercial offer described on the website (services, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions). If there are errors or inaccurate information on the website concerning any of the prices, services or their description, which have directly motivated the contracting by the user, the latter shall be entitled to revoke his/her purchase at no cost.
These Terms and Conditions are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.


TEATRE LLIURE offers, through its website (www.teatrelliure.com), tickets, season tickets and supplementary services concerning shows and performances in the various halls of TEATRE LLIURE. In the same way, through the website (www.lliureonline.com), it offers subscriptions and purchasing of digital shows.
Tickets for shows and performances are subject to availability and under no circumstances does their promotion through the website imply any guarantee of availability.
If the circumstances so require, TEATRE LLIURE reserves the right to modify the dates, times, programmes or performers advertised, as well as to suspend the show. Once the ticket has been purchased, it may not be exchanged nor the price returned except due to cancellation of the event, in which case TEATRE LLIURE undertakes to return the ticket price. In spite of this, if the suspension is due to an act of God or force majeure, the user will not be entitled to reimbursement of the price.


TEATRE LLIURE's online contracting service must be used only by people over eighteen (18) years old or the minimum legal age. The user recognises that he/she is of legal age and has the necessary legal capacity and capacity to act to contract the services offered by TEATRE LLIURE.
In online contracting, the user recognises and accepts that use of the website or the application and/or contracting process is performed at his/her own risk.
When using the contracting service, the user undertakes to make use of it in accordance with that stipulated by law, morality, public policy and these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, he/she undertakes to make appropriate use of the service and not use it to perform unlawful or criminal activities, which infringe third-party rights or any legal rule.
The website and/or the contracting process may include content, information or links to third parties or third-party websites. TEATRE LLIURE accepts no responsibility for the contents of such webpages or the contents of any promotion or sponsorship by third parties or compliance with these regulations. The user may access these links at his/her own risk and TEATRE LLIURE accepts no responsibility and provides no guarantee for the content, integrity or accuracy of such links or the websites to which they refer. The user agrees to hold TEATRE LLIURE harmless in relation to any liability resulting from the use of such links.


In order to use the contracting services, users must register on the website and create a personal account. The user accepts and undertakes to provide truthful, accurate and complete data concerning his/her identity and legitimacy.
He/she accepts and understands that he/she alone is directly responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, validity and veracity of the data since TEATRE LLIURE does not have the means to verify and does not verify the user's identity, notwithstanding the verification tasks concerning the correct and adequate nature of such data. In the event of an error in entering data, the user may correct them by sending an e-mail to info@teatrelliure.com
The data provided are those which are necessary to provide the services contracted or subscribed through the website. If the user provides any false, inaccurate or incomplete data, or if TEATRE LLIURE has well-founded reasons to doubt the veracity, accuracy and integrity of those data, TEATRE LLIURE may deny him/her access and/or use of the website or its content and/or services now or in the future.
The account will allow access to a private area in which the user can manage transactions related to TEATRE LLIURE, view and/or modify, at any time, the personal information associated with the account, and view all of the transactions that the user has performed with TEATRE LLIURE associated with that account. The user alone will be responsible for safeguarding his/her identifying details for access (username and password), as well as choosing and entering a sufficiently secure password and keeping it confidential and not assigning or communicating it to unauthorised third parties. The identifying details must always be linked to a valid e-mail address. The user has a responsibility to report any incident concerning the e-mail account that may affect TEATRE LLIURE's services.
It is prohibited to assign the user account or the benefits that may arise from purchasing tickets to third parties, or to resell TEATRE LLIURE tickets to third parties.


Once registration has been completed, the user must log in to be able to complete the process of purchasing tickets, season tickets or supplementary services. Access to the contracting process is completely free of charge with no additional associated cost. Each and every one of the services offered is duly described in the show's file, which will always be available to customers. The file will include updated information about the events and the user must be guided by the information stated at the time of contracting.
The advertisement on the website is a confirmed and binding offer to sell that the user accepts when he/she clicks on the “Purchase” button. The fact of filling in the various forms together with clicking on the “Purchase” button and express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a clear and direct statement of the desire to enter into contract. Once the offer has been accepted, the agreement is formalised and the parties acquire the rights and duties arising therefrom.
TEATRE LLIURE shall store, in a durable medium, the electronic document in which the agreement is formalised, which shall be made available to the customer through a link in the purchase confirmation e-mail, which may be digitally stored by the user or printed out.
The contracting procedure shall be conducted in Catalan, Spanish or English, depending on the language that the user chooses. The language for performing the procedure will be Catalan by default.


The prices or charges for tickets, season tickets or services offered on the website shall be stated in euros and will include the applicable VAT. The prices in force at the time of contracting may be viewed at all times and prior to payment. The prices may fluctuate and the user must not rely on a price that is not stated on the day of contracting. The price may also be seen in the purchase confirmation e-mail.
Payments for transactions performed through the website may be made with Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards.
The purchase will be validated by TEATRE LLIURE once it has received confirmation of the purchase from the bank. If the purchase process is interrupted for any reason or the amount paid is lower than the relevant amount (including administration fees and bank charges), TEATRE LLIURE will suspend the process and inform the customer.


Various security measures are employed in the ticket. However, TEATRE LLIURE does not guarantee its authenticity if it was not purchased at one of the official points of sale, through the internet, at the various box offices or by telephone. When any ticket has been amended or broken or is suspected of being counterfeit or illegally acquired, TEATRE LLIURE will be authorised to deny access to the bearer. TEATRE LLIURE does not accept any responsibility in these cases.
It is a condition of admission to hold the full ticket in good condition. The ticket must be kept in a dry place, away from heat, without any contact with plastics or magnetic fields, and must be kept until you leave the venue.


Service provision is subject to the following limits:

  1. As a general rule, the audience will not be allowed to enter the hall during performances. TEATRE LLIURE may choose whether to allow entry to the venue once the show has begun.
  2. It is prohibited for persons under 16 years old to enter the venue unless they are accompanied by adults. TEATRE LLIURE will state which shows children may not attend, as well as the recommended ages for shows.
  3. TEATRE LLIURE reserves the right of admission. The bearer of this ticket undertakes to comply with the venue's security conditions and requirements. TEATRE LLIURE accepts no responsibility for the improper use of its facilities.
  4. The bearer of the ticket undertakes to be respectful towards the artists and people at the venue, and also to turn off mobile phones and all types of alarms before entering the venue, and not to eat, drink or smoke inside. It is also prohibited for animals to enter, except for assistance dogs.
  5. The bearer of the ticket consents to his/her image being recorded or reproduced for commercial or promotional purposes for the show and TEATRE LLIURE.
  6. TEATRE LLIURE reserves all image rights and intellectual property rights over the show. It is prohibited to take photographs, with or without a flash, or to film or record, or to enter the venue with any object that TEATRE LLIURE considers dangerous or that is prohibited by the regulations in force.  For this purpose, the bearer of the ticket authorises TEATRE LLIURE to conduct, in accordance with the law, the checks or searches of his/her person and belongings that may be necessary in order to verify that the access conditions are met.
  7. Any complaint related to the performance, suspension, modification or cancellation of the show should be addressed to TEATRE LLIURE with the presentation of this ticket through the channels stated in section 15.



Season tickets must be used during the corresponding season. A maximum of two (2) tickets per show will be issued.
Teatre Lliure does not guarantee seats for shows. It is recommended to book sufficiently in advance to ensure the availability of seats.
Tickets purchased or booked with season tickets may be returned or exchanged up to 24 hours prior to the start of the event without any administration fee.
The events and shows included in season tickets may be subject to change during the season. In the event of cancellation of any event or show, the tickets acquired with a season ticket will be returned so they may be used in any other show available in the current season.


All works, performances, shows, images or texts made available to the public by TEATRE LLIURE or through its website or the LLIUREONLINE platform are protected by intellectual property rights in the terms stipulated in the Spanish Intellectual Property Act (LPI), Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, approving the consolidated text of the LPI. 
Breach of the prohibition on photography, recording or filming during performances may result in you being expelled from the theatre and required to delete the photographs or recordings made, notwithstanding any civil lawsuits that the legitimate owners or holders of the infringed intellectual property right may bring.
In the SALA ONLINE-TEATRE LLIURE service, the subscriber acquires a usage licence that authorises him/her to access, view and download (when expressly permitted) the content available on the website or application. The subscriber does not obtain any intellectual property right over the available works apart from those expressly granted in these terms and conditions. It is prohibited to resell reproductions or downloads, as well as to use the content for commercial purposes or public viewings with commercial purposes.


The controller of the personal registration data is FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE – TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA with tax identification code (CIF) G-58658931 and address at Plaça Margarida Xirgu, 1, (08004), Barcelona.
The data will be processed for the purpose of managing the sale of tickets for shows and subsequent management of the shows, as well as commercial purposes. This includes, among others, management of purchase services, ticket booking, capacity management and access control. It is understood that by filling in and sending this or any form included in the website, the user is freely and voluntarily providing his/her personal data and consents and expressly authorises TEATRE LLIURE to perform the collection and automated processing of them, as may be necessary to perform the purposes and objectives stated.
The data will be deleted when they cease to be necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, provided TEATRE LLIURE has no legal obligation to keep them. The personal data will be processed by TEATRE LLIURE, which will not assign them to third parties except to comply with a legal obligation.
The processing of personal data is authorised by the contractual relationship established through this purchase and they will be processed in accordance with the provisions in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), Organic Law 3/2018 of December on the Protection of Personal Data and Guaranteeing of Digital Rights and the rest of the applicable regulations. The processing of personal data shall be performed in accordance with TEATRE LLIURE's Privacy Policy. By entering into contract, the user knows and accepts the Privacy Policy.
The user may exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, portability, limitation or objection to processing by writing to FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE – TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA at the postal or electronic address first above written in these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, if the user considers that his/her rights have not been appropriately complied with, he/she may submit a complaint to the supervisory authority at www.agpd.es.
The user has a responsibility to keep his/her personal data and payment details confidential.


Insofar as permitted by law, TEATRE LLIURE will have no liability arising from the contracting of the services due to any damages and losses caused by the unavailability of the services for reasons of force majeure or errors in electronic data transfer networks, which are outside of its control (such as but not limited to viruses or other errors, defects or malfunctioning of computer transfers or network communications).
TEATRE LLIURE will not be liable for any changes due to circumstances affecting programming, dates, times, programmes or advertised performers. If the show is suspended, the user will be entitled to claim reimbursement of the amount paid, except in cases in which the suspension is due to an act of God or force majeure.
TEATRE LLIURE will not be responsible for loss, theft, deterioration, damages or losses caused to the bearer or his/her personal possessions while at the venue.
In any case, TEATRE LLIURE's liability towards the user will not exceed the total price paid for the contracted services.


Any complaint that the user deems appropriate will be dealt with as soon as possible. Complaints should be made to the persons responsible in accordance with the complaint or claim. Any complaint concerning the contracting process or related to the performance, suspension, modification or cancellation of the show may be sent to the following addresses.
Postal: FUNDACIÓ TEATRE LLIURE – TEATRE PÚBLIC DE BARCELONA, Plaça Margarida Xirgu, 1, (08004), Barcelona.
Telephone: 932 892 770
E-mail: info@teatrelliure.com


If any provision in this agreement is invalid, illegal, ineffective or inapplicable, that shall not affect the validity or applicability of the rest of the contractual provisions, which will continue to be valid and have legal effect as if the invalid, illegal, ineffective or inapplicable provision were not part of this agreement.
The relationship between TEATRE LLIURE and the users is governed by that stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of Use. With regard to all matters not referred to herein, the relationship shall be governed by the applicable laws, in particular Act 7/1998 of 13 April on General Terms and Conditions of Contract; Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the Consolidated Text of the General Consumer and User Defence Act and other supplementary laws; Act 22/2010 of 20 July on the Consumption Code of Catalonia; Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and Guaranteeing of Digital Rights; the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and E-commerce.
Consumers and users may resolve any dispute in the competent court in accordance with their place of residence or the registered office of TEATRE LLIURE.
If TEATRE LLIURE files legal action against a consumer, the competent courts shall be those of the jurisdiction applicable to the aforementioned consumer's address.
In all cases of commercial contracting, the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona.
Through the website www.lliureonline.com, TEATRE LLIURE offers the possibility of enjoying shows in digital format by purchasing shows or an annual subscription. When you enter into contract through SALA ONLINE-TEATRE LLIURE, TEATRE LLIURE's Terms and Conditions of Contracting apply with the specifications set out below.
The user acquires a usage right and may view the show as many times as he/she wishes as long as it is available.

  1. Purchases. Purchases will last for an approximate term of 90 days, notwithstanding that stated in the description of the show, always up to the limit of the end of the theatre season, which date will be duly stated on the website.
  2. Annual subscription. The subscription has a term of one year from the moment of contracting. The annual subscription gives access to all of the content on the platform and allows it to be viewed with no limit other than the end of the season, when the season's content will cease to be viewable. The price shall be paid in a single payment at the commencement of the contractual relationship. The subscription will be automatically renewed when its term ends. If you do not wish to renew the subscription, you must notify it prior to the date stated at the moment of contracting and in the confirmation e-mail.

Payment shall be made on the SALA ONLINE-TEATRE LLIURE website through the VIMEO OTT VIEWER payment system (Vimeo, Inc.), the platform that provides a service for www.lliureonline.com. By contracting and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of VIMEO and its Privacy Policy.
In order to view content on SALA ONLINE-TEATRE LLIURE, the user must register and create a personal account in which he/she may view the content and manage the account and his/her data.
TEATRE LLIURE will not be liable for any loss of quality while viewing digital shows or any cuts in reception of the show or other technological incidents that may take place due to technical defects or breakdowns in the user's equipment or internet connections.