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La caixa del Lliure for children

The artists Joan Baixas and Marina Baixas have designed the prototype of the small stage for early childhood education, which is being tested this spring with children aged between three and five years old at the Tres Pins school in the Poble Sec district of  Barcelona. The small stage at the Lliure is a pre-theatrical mechanism so that boys and girls at school can have an easy, exciting, imaginative and fun introduction to stage play. This is a pilot project that has been made possible by the partnership between the school, the design team and the Teatre Lliure.

These stages are tailor-made for the children and represent the stage area of a theatre, and enable them to access the stage with a more multifaceted perspective, considering the performing arts in more holistic terms, in which different artistic disciplines are involved.
The stages will also become fully operational stages because from time to time, theatre and object artists will perform shows designed specifically for them!
Following the philosophy of the old puppet theatres, La caixa del Lliure for children is based around three theatrical forms: shadow theatre, puppet theatre, and performance. Based on questions that accompany the younger children in their discovery of the world’s  ariety and infinite diversity, their senses are awakened, they can investigate the potential of the body, discover their hands and their creative possibilities, and experience the stories that they like.