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Last year, in El Rey, they focused on the bias in 'the transition to democracy'. Now they are going a bit further back, to 1939, to focus on the history of economic power in this country.

Who governs in Spain? To what extent is political power subordinate to economic power? Who has economic power in Spain? Why do they have it? Since when? How have they obtained it? What impact has economic power had on political power in the successive cycles of our recent history?
These questions are the starting point of Massacre. In this story, which is theatrically free but which aims to be historically accurate, a powerless man and woman get up one day with the intention of ending capitalism in Spain. With this in mind, they travel back to 1939 to reconstruct the road between then and now. This time, with their eyes open.
On this journey to try to understand something more, they will become crucial characters for Spanish economic power in the twentieth century and the piece of the twenty-first century that we have lived through so far.

cast Marta Calvó and Alberto San Juan

costumes Teatro del Barrio / lighting Raúl Baena / sound space Adrián Foulkes

director assistant Ana Belén Santiago

produced by Teatro del Barrio

show in Spanish language
length 1h. 10' no interval

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solidary performance to the Pallassos Sense Fronteres ONG on Sunday 2 April at 21:30h.  29€ / out of ticket season