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El rey

Teatro del Barrio returns once again after its Ruz-Bárcenas. Now its target is the Spanish monarchy in the shape of King Juan Carlos I. He is ripped apart by Luis Bermejo, Alberto San Juan and Willy Toledo.
What has the role of the monarchy been in Spain over the last forty years? To what end? What are the objectives of the Spanish monarchy for the coming decades?

El rey [The king] is a work of fiction with a central character called Juan Carlos I. A man who falls from the zenith to the basement in the twilight of his life. At least symbolically. A man who appears to no longer be of any use. Although he did a great deal of service. But doing what? And who for?
Other characters in this completely free story are Juan de Borbon, Francisco Franco, Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, Henry Kissinger, Adolfo Suarez and Felipe González. A world of men struggling to build the world in the way they conceive it.
According to the president of the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, Emilio Silva, "in Spain, the construction of the ignorance of our own past is state policy.” El rey, the fifth production by Teatro del Barrio, is a fiction against ignorance. In the conviction that only those who know what reality is can change it.
Alberto San Juan

cast Luis Bermejo / Alberto San Juan / Guillermo Toledo

setting Teatro del Barrio with the collaborations of Beatriz San Juan / lighting Andrés Lima and Raúl Baena / historical advisor Noelia Adánez (Contratiempo)

direction and management assistant Pablo Esguevillas and Marta Ribeiro / management Paloma Domínguez Liñán

produced by Teatro del Barrio

show in Spanish
length 1h. 40' no interval

03/13 debate with the company after the show

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