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Le voci di dentro

You’ve seen him on the big screen in La grande bellezza and Viva la libertà. Now, the unparalleled Toni Servillo serves up Eduardo de Filippo in a tale of hatred, envy, hypocrisy and moral decay.

In Le voci di dentro, De Filippo forges a setting suspended between reality and illusion, decisively unveiling the guilty consciences of his characters, and, by extension, those watching them. Protagonist Alberto Saporito dreams his friend was assassinated and believes his neighbors the culprits. This crime exposes the sinister mechanisms that underlie suspicion and accusation, offering a comprehensive insight into the workings of a “guilty conscience.” Poor Saporito is witness and tragic accomplice alike, unable to act and redeem himself.
De Filippo wrote this piece at the end of World War II, painting a detailed portrait of the declining values the world over would see in the decades to follow. And even now, it seems that Saporito steps off the stage and sidles up to spectators to tell us that his tale affects us all, for we are all victims of another spiritual post-war era, one in which indifference prevails.
Toni Servillo

Chiara Baffi Maria, waitress/ Antonello Cossia brigadier / Rocco Giordano Capa d’Angelo / Lucia Mandarini Matilde Cimmaruta / Gigio Morra Pasquale Cimmaruta / Vincenzo Nemolato Luigi Cimmaruta / Francesco Paglino Aniello Amitrano / Betti Pedrazzi Rosa Cimmaruta / Maria Angela Robustelli Teresa Amitrano / Marianna Robustelli Elvira Cimmaruta / Marcello Romolo Michele, caretaker / Daghi Rondanini uncle Nicola / Peppe Servillo Carlo Saporito / Toni Servillo Alberto Saporito

setting Lino Fiorito / costumes Ortensia De Francesco / lighting Cesare Accetta / sound Daghi Rondanini
director assistant Costanza Boccardi / stage manager Daghi Rondanini / chief stage hand Agostino Biallo / stage hand Salvatore Bellocchio / lighting technician Ciro Petrillo / dresser Francesca Apostolico
co-produced by Piccolo Teatro di Milano-Teatro d’Europa, Teatro di Roma and Teatri Uniti
with the collaboraction of the Théâtre du Gymnase de Marseille on the Marseille Provence 2013 Capitale Européenne de la Culture

the international activity of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano-Teatro d'Europa is suported by ENI

show in Italian subtitlet in Catalan
length 1h. 50' no interval
12/12 'A teatro con Eduardo'. Talk to Toni Servillo around Eduardo De Filippo. Moderator Lluís Pasqual

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