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Frank V (opereta d'una banca privada)

Josep Maria Mestres and Sergi Belbel team up to stage this key work by Friedrich Dürrenmatt – a piece more topical than ever, with a top-notch cast and featuring the Obeses at the musical part, conducted by Arnau Tordera. A devastating musical comedy about banking in a opera rock version.

Now, when our present (“where we are”) and our future (“where we’re headed”) lie firmly in the hands of the banking world (or, more generally speaking, those in power), it seems fitting to revisit this musical drama about our immediate past (1959) so we can discover the ancestors of modern-day bankers and – let’s call a spade a spade – their morally dubious actions. It’s always good to know “where we come from.” And perhaps by doing so, we can realize that in over half a century, sadly, little has changed.
Sergi Belbel

They’re from Vic. They’ve released two albums, Obesisme il·lustrat and Zel. They starred in a popular Christmas ad on TV with Regala petons and in the soundtrack for the hit series 39+1. They can blend Sangtraït, Queen, La Trinca, opera, sardanes and Muse. And after this performance ends, they’re releasing their third disc – a coproduction with the Barcelona Municipal Band – at L’Auditori. They’re also participating in the T’enCANTArà cycle, where children are invited to join the band for a morning. Their hits include Botifarra amb seques, Correm!, Pa amb tomàquet and El tocador de senyores. From epic rock to postmodern pop, Arnau Tordera, Maiol Montané, Jaume Coll and Arnau Burdó are the Obeses.

Laura Aubert Frieda, Franziska / Enric Arquimbau Häberlin / David Bagés Egli Eduard Farelo Frank V / Mónica López Ottilie / Miquel Malirach Kappeler / Xicu Masó Böckmann / David Moreno Heini, Herbert / Ferran Rañé Schlumpf, president / Albert Ribalta Schmalz / Arnau Tordera Guillaume / David Verdaguer Paüli 

Obeses Arnau Burdó keyboard / Jaume Coll bass /  Maiol Montané drums and percussion / Arnau Tordera voice and guitar

play version Sergi Belbel / music versions Arnau Tordera / setting Pep Duran / costumes Nina Pawlowsky / make up Toni Santos / lighting Raimon Rius (a.a.i.) / sound Jordi Bonet and Roc Mateu / choreography Montse Colomé

director assistant Israel Solà / setting assistant Laura Clos 'Closca' / costumes assistant Nidia Tusal / voice work Dolors Aldea / rehearsal accompanist Arnau Burdó / trainee costumes of the Institut del Teatre Caterina Bonet / trainee direction of the Institut del Teatre Xavier Morató
produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Grup Mémora

show in Catalan
subtitled in Spanish and English on Saturday at 21:00 from 04/25

approximate length 2h. 10' no interval
04/24 performance accessible with subtitles for hearing impairment people and audio description for visually impaired people
hand program in Braille language avalaible at the box office
04/26 debate with the company after the show

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Monday 13 / 18:00 / Espai Lliure

projection of the documentary Master of the Universe and debate about bank and ethics