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30/40 Livingstone

After writing the comedy monologue Non solum, Lopez and Picó now present a joint creation, direction and this time around, a performance, which premiered at the Temporada Alta Festival in an initial version that has since been expanded.

A talkative and contradictory modern man who is deeply unhappy decides to leave everything and go away in search of great adventures. On his journey, he encounters an animal that will tell him things about himself.

Sergi López and Jorge Picó

set Jorge Picó and Sergi López / lighting Lionel Spycher / original music Òscar Roig / costumes and stage coaching Pascual Peris / helmet design Amadeu Ferré i Mas

technical director Rubèn Taltavull

set up made by Ricardo Alcaide

co-produced by Setzefetges Associats S.L., Ring de Teatro and Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt

show in Catalan
length 90’ no interval
debate with the artistic crew after the show on 11/04