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La rara anatomia dels centaures

Five actors are the forum for six stories by the Majorcan writer Miguel Angel Riera written in 1979. The final thoughts of a man shot in the Civil War, two couples' tragic search for a centaur in a chestnut forest, a sad and profound love story about something very special, the culmination of all a ridiculous little man's hopes in what appears to be the near future, the story of an eventful hunting trip and the emotional reconstruction of a home that has vanished.

Sergi Baos / Maria Bauçà / Aina Calpe / Antònia 'Nies' Jaume / Carles Molinet

set Jordi Banal / lighting Toni Gómez / costumes Antònia Fuster /audio-visuals Nofre Moyà / video Joan Serrano / original music Miquel Àngel Aguiló / choreography Mabel Ribas

director assistant Santi Celaya / mouvement adviser Norman Taylor / language adviser Carme Planells / audio-visual and sound technician Juanro Campos / light technician Pep Toni Bassa / management Jordi Banal

coproduced by Iguana Teatre, Teatre Principal de Palma, CAER - Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Reus, CAET - Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Terrassa and EL CANAL Centre d'Arts Escèniques Salt/Girona

show in Catalan
length 70’ no interval
debate with the artistic crew after the show on 11/16