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Un bosc de cames

A girl gets lost in a train station. Her train is running late. The platform fills up, the people get worried and flood the underground passageways...and all the girl sees are legs and more legs.

Long legs, short legs, fat legs, and skinny legs. Hairy legs, shaved legs, strong legs, and weak legs. The girl can’t find her father’s legs anywhere. And today was her very first trip on a train!

Though she’ll experience a few moments of fear, the girl will be lucky enough to meet several people – especially the station master – who will help her find him again.

Mariona Anglada / Ada Cusidó / Pep Farrés

set and puppets Alfred Casas / costumes Fiona Capdevila / lighting Jordi Llongueras / music Jordi Riera Abad

director assistant, choreography and trainning Ingrid Domingo / costumes assistant Ina Olavarria / music recorded Pep Masssana violin, Carlota Ortiz clarinets, Benet Palet trumpets / weavers Montserrat Conejos and Stephen A. Alimontiç / promotional animation Carles Porta / management Tona Esplugas

set up made by Tematic World, Taller Mecànic Fitó, L’art de la llum, Jordi Farrés, Jordi Palet, Pep Farrés, Dodiva y Natàlia Badia / costumes made by Mariajo Labrador / puppets made by Martí Doy

co-produced by Teatre Lliure and TAAAT - Farrés brothers i cia.

in collaboration with LaSala/Sabadell

thanks to Pere Hosta; Olga, Lluc, Gil, Tilda, Quintí; Fiona, Guim; Raúl, Bernat, Laia; Bernat, Greta, Llibert and Teresa

show in Catalan
length 45’ no interval
recommended for children from 3 years old