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Los hijos se han dormido

A new version of Chekhov's The Seagull, by the Argentine director Daniel Veronese, whose characters are part of a group of artists from provinces.

Only the peaceful customs of everyday life, banality, expressing the minimum, appears capable of concealing something that is simmering underneath - confusion and disorder, isolation and misunderstanding. Wisdom, education, humanity and the capacity for sacrifice are almost non-existent values, denied to this highly unusual rural acting group. They seem to hear and decide: it is better to ignore each other and not to interfere with the course of history, consuming oneself, destroying oneself...

Malena Alterio Masha / Ginés García Millán Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin / Malena Gutiérrez Polina Andryevna / Alfonso Lara Ilya Shamrayev / Diego Martín Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko / Miguel Rellán Pjotr Nikolayevich Sorin / Pablo Rivero Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplyov / Marina Salas Nina Zarechnaya / Susi Sánchez Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina / Anibal Soto Yevgeny Sergeyevich Dorn

set Alberto Negrín / costumes Ana Garay / lighting Sebastián Blutrach

director assistant Adriana Roffi / light and stagehand tenchician David Vizcaino / casting director Rosa Estévez / / management Lola Graiño / management director Ana Jelín

set up made by Mambo Decorados / props made by Carlos Aparicio

produced by Producciones Teatrales Contemporáneas, Marcus Teatrales S.L. and Sebastián Blutrach

show in Spanish
length 1h. 30’ no interval
debate with the artistic crew after the show on 01/11