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LITUS / de la Sala Flyhard

Many things can happen to us in life: both good and bad. But whether they are good or bad, it is much better to experience them with the people we love. And when someone we love and who loves us dies, our lives change forever. Something ends, and something new takes its place. Fear, longing, emptiness. A void that remains with us forever.

Marta Buchaca

Sara Espígul Laia / Borja Espinosa Toni / Josep Sobrevals Pepe / Sergi Torrecilla Pau / David Verdaguer Marc

set and costumes Albert Pascual / lighting Fernando Portillo / original music Pere Jou (4t. 1a.) / video Imma Sust / photo Roser Blanch

director assistant Jose Pérez / management Blanca Caminal, Jordi Casanovas and Clara Cols / administration Sergio Matamala

produced by Flyhard Produccions S.L.

with the support of the ICEC Institut Català d’Empreses Culturals

with the collaboration of Mobles Alarcón, Gramona and EdMon Píxels

thanks to família Tarragona, Imma Sust, Marta Aliguer and Mobles Alarcón

show in Catalan
length 80’ no interval